JVTAが英語字幕をサポート ドキュメンタリー映画『売買ボーイズ』が世界20以上の映画祭で上映へ 

JVTAが英語字幕をサポート ドキュメンタリー映画『売買ボーイズ』が世界20以上の映画祭で上映へ 
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ドキュメンタリー作家、イアン・トーマス・アッシュさんが製作総指揮を手がけた『売買ボーイズ』(英題 Boys for Sale)が、ドイツ、アメリカ、イギリス、台湾など世界20以上の映画祭での上映が決定しました! 『売買ボーイズ』は、新宿2丁目で“売り専”として働く男性に取材した意欲作。監督、編集は板子さんが務めています。
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LAで開催された Outfest Film Festival(北米プレミア)は、the Fox Inclusion Awardを受賞。また、Durban Gay &Lesbian Film Festival 2017(アフリカプレミア)ではBest Documentary filmを受賞するなど高い評価を受けています。イアンさんは、日本に拠点を置きながら原発事故直後の福島を取材したドキュメンタリー『A2-B-C』などを制作し、JVTAでの課外講座やGCAIの動画制作クラスの講師も担当するなど、多彩に活躍しています。
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The English subtitles of 『売買ボーイズ』 were a result of the JVTA-sponsored award that I received at the festival in 2013 for my film “A2-B-C”; the award was to have a future film subtitled.
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The subtitles were edited and supervised by JVTA graduate Yuiko Hosoya-san, and we had more time than is perhaps typical to go through each and every subtitle not only for meaning, but also to ensure that the character traits that Itako, the director, wanted to emphasize were also coming through in the translation.

One note in particular from Hosoya-san that really demonstrated her professionalism and dedication to this was about how to refer to the Edo Period. Our concern was that English-speaking audiences who are not familiar with Japan would not understand “Edo Period”. After one of our meetings, Hosoya-san wrote the following comment in the subtitle document, complete with links to references:


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◆“The Edo Period is a long period between 1603 and 1868 (the 17th to 18th century). The question is ‘when’ during the Edo Period did Shinjuku 2-chome become a sex-related town? I found several sources that says that it was pretty much from the start, so I think it is okay to say ‘since the 17th century’.”◆

When the director and I read that, we knew she had found a perfect solution that was both easy to understand and historically accurate. Another example of this is when she responded to Itako’s request to be sure that the sliminess of one of the characters Hayami in the film came through in the English. Hosoya-san wrote:

◆“It was difficult to include the nuance of Hayami being an asshole in the original spotting/boxes, so I changed the spotting of this box as well as the following two boxes.” ◆

Every audience that has seen the film abroad remarks on that “slimy guy”, proof that Hosoya-san’s idea for timing and content worked!

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★英語字幕が多言語翻訳のベースだからこそ そのクオリティは重要
While the film is playing in many countries where English is either spoken or at least understood by cinema-goers, it is also screening in countries where it needs to be translated into the local language, including Taiwan and Romania. When a festival creates their own subtitles, they always request the English subtitles on which their translation will be based, as it would be prohibitively expensive to translate from Japanese into, say, Romanian, if a professional translator could even be located. Knowing that the English translation is what every other translation is going to be based on puts a lot of responsibility on the original translator, but after working with Hosoya-san over so many weeks, I have the utmost confidence that our English translation will serve as the best possible base script.

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映像翻訳者 細谷由依子さんのインタビュー記事はこちら

★LAやロンドンの映画祭でチケットがソールドアウト  追加席や追加上映へ
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The North American premier of 『売買ボーイズ』 was in Outfest Film Festival, the largest festival of Gay and Lesbian Film in the World, which is held at the Director’s Guild of America Theatre in Los Angeles. Days before the screening, we learned that all the tickets for the 155-seat cinema in which we were scheduled to play had sold out, and so our screening had been moved into the larger 600 seat cinema! At the closing ceremony, we were extremely honoured to receive the Fox Inclusion Award, which is sponsored by Fox.
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The UK premier of 『売買ボーイズ』 was held in London’s Raindance film festival, and when our main screening sold out days before it was held, the festival arranged for an additional screening to be held a couple of days later.

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So far, 『売買ボーイズ』 is confirmed to be playing in 24 international film festivals from Eastern Europe to South America to Australia and beyond. It is such an honour to be a part of sharing this story with so many people around the world, but that never would have been possible had it not been for an accurate, witty and compelling English translation.

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『売買ボーイズ』 is next screening in Berlin, Taipei and many other cities. For a complete list of upcoming screenings, please visit the film’s website:
and social media accounts:TRAILER:
TWITTER: @BoysForSale_Doc


★【続報】TOKYO AIDS WEEKS 2017で日本初上映が決定!
会場:中野区産業振興センター 多目的ホール

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