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(English follows Japanese)
日本映像翻訳アカデミーグループ代表 新楽直樹



2020年10月には受講生の皆さまにさらに快適な環境で学んでいただくためのツールとして、独自で開発したラーニング・マネージメント・システム「JVTA Online」を導入いたしました。

簡単な操作のみで、毎回の受講から課題の提出までをJVTA Online上で完結することができます。また、セキュリティの高いクラウドサービスの「Box」や「Slack」も併用。受講生の皆さまからは「対面での授業と同様に講師やクラスメートとコミュニケーションを取ることができる」「学習の効率が上がった」などの評価をいただきました。2021年は、学びの機会をより多く提供させていただくため、新機能の搭載も進めています。






JVTA Group’s Response to Tokyo’s January 7 2021 State of Emergency
Naoki Niira/JVTA Group President


Embracing a Fully-Remote Learning Experience

In order to control the spread of COVID-19, the Greater Tokyo Area entered a state of emergency on January 7, 2021. In light of this announcement, JVTA Tokyo will continue to offer fully-remote learning for all classes.
JVTA first began offering remote learning as an option in 2015, allowing students living outside metropolitan Tokyo to join classes in real-time online via video link. Thanks to our robust e-learning infrastructure and know-how, we were able to seamlessly transfer all JVTA classes to online learning in April 2020, with no change to the curriculum or schedule despite the pandemic.
As part of our commitment to e-learning, we launched JVTA Online in October 2020. JVTA Online is an unique online learning management system that makes it easier than ever for students to study with JVTA safely at home, from anywhere in the world.
JVTA Online gives students access to complete every step of the learning process on one easy-to-use portal, from joining live lectures to managing homework assignments. The service is fully integrated with Box and Slack, allowing students to chat with classmates and school staff in real-time on a secure cloud platform. Students have already reported JVTA Online makes for easy communication and efficient self-study. New features and learning opportunities are on the way for 2021.
In addition to our regular courses, JVTA’s online learning set-up allows us to offer a packed schedule of seminars, workshops and livestreams. Our 2020 JVTA Summer School featured over 20 seminars on topics ranging from translation skills to film appreciation and language study tips. Over 600 students from around the world joined the Summer School program. This year, we’re looking forward to offering more exciting online events.
Health and safety are of the utmost importance to JVTA. We encourage all JVTA staff and teachers to work from home whenever possible, in accordance with local public health recommendations. This ensures that no more than 20-30% of staff are on site on any given day. Further to this, our on-site social distancing policies, in place since May 2020, are designed to prevent close contact between any staff or guests on site.
From long-form courses to workshops to online parties, we’ve been able to roll out a fully online JVTA learning experience with no curriculum change or interruption to our schedule since April 2020. Our students’ passion and commitment to learning even in these unprecedented times inspires us to keep developing new ways to improve the online learning experience.
We will keep you informed of any changes or new developments at JVTA via our official page. Until then, we look forward to providing you with more online learning opportunities you can take part in safely from your home anywhere in the world.
Stay well, and thank you for being a part of JVTA.
Naoki Niira

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