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◆Jennifer Waldmanさん(日英映像翻訳 実践コース修了)



【What I would like to work on in the future】

I love video games, anime, manga, documentaries (especially animal documentaries), dramas, reality TV, horror, romance, rom-coms, fantasy, cooking, mysteries, suspense… The list is endless! Regardless, I would love to work on anything I can get my hands on to learn as much as possible!



【My future goals】

The TV show that made me interested in translating was Iron Chef. Watching it opened my world to a whole new world of possibilities for food, culture, and creation. My goal is to give audiences a similar eye-opening experience through whichever genre they identify with most!

◆Christina Lozadaさん(日英映像翻訳 実践コース修了)

While working in LQA at a game company, one of my coworkers mentioned she was one of the translators for a recent Pokemon game. Absolutely fascinated, I inquired about her translation experience and learned that she completed the J to E translation course at JVTA. I immediately checked the website and decided to take the course to begin my professional
Japanese-to-English translation journey. During the course, I was constantly inspired by other classmates’ clever translations and was challenged to not just write good translations, but outstanding ones. All of the tools I learned throughout the course are applicable to many types of translations.

As I continue to raise my wonderful daughter, I aim to build my translation portfolio through freelance and part-time work from the MTC and beyond. Japanese culture has influenced my life since I was a child with anime, manga, video games, and more. Therefore, I want to make Japanese culture and media accessible to the world with my translations. Perhaps one day I will translate a Pokemon game and inspire others to make the leap toward their professional goals!

◆※OJT修了生 紹介記事のアーカイブはこちら


◆【2024年7月 英日映像翻訳 日曜集中クラス開講!】



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