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【JVTAからのお知らせ】 (Englsih follows Japanese)




●3月中に実施するオープンスクール及び、バリアフリー講座、ロジカルリーディング力 強化コースの無料説明会、無料体験レッスンは全面オンライン開催とし、ご自宅からオンラインで受けていただく体制とします。
[Important Message to All JVTA Students and Visitors]
A number of cases of novel coronavirus COVID-19 have been confirmed in Japan, and infection is expected to spread.

At JVTA, the March 8th Open School, all free trial lessons for Barrier-Free Course, Logical Reading Class and Media Translation Courses, and Extracurricular Lessons will be held online from March onward. Feel free to join in from the comfort of your own home anywhere in the world.

In addition, any and all JVTA students who have been attending class in person will have the option to switch to online participation. This option is available for all Japanese-to-English and English-to-Japanese Media Translation courses, as well Barrier-Free Accessibility and Japanese Expression Skills courses.
JVTA began offering online access to our courses in 2015. Since then, many students from around the world have joined lectures, received guidance and feedback, joined workshops, completed assignments, and graduated as media translators entirely online. Our real-time video-link platform is robust and reliable, allowing you to participate in real time without leaving your house.
As part of our coronavirus safety response, we’d like to remind all current students that we have all the technical capabilities for you to continue your JVTA studies online, from the comfort of your home, anywhere in the world. Even if you have been attending class in person at our Tokyo HQ, you are welcome to switch to online participation at any time.

More details about this online option will follow in a separate update. (Please note that students who would prefer to continue classes in person are free to do so.)

We ask all students and visitors to practice sensible hygiene, such as hand-washing, gargling, and wearing masks.
JVTA teachers and staff are enacting the following measures:
- Using the hand sanitizer dispensers at the 2F reception desk. (Feel free to use these!)
- Regular hand-washing and gargling.
- Airing out classrooms before classes and workshops.
- Practicing good cough and sneeze etiquette (ie. into the elbow, never uncovered or into hands.)
- Wearing facemasks during class and around the office.
Japan Visualmedia Translation Academy

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