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(English follows Japanese)
・English Clock ロジカルリーディング力 強化コース(全クラス)
・バリアフリー視聴用 音声ガイド&字幕ライター養成講座(全クラス)
※Cisco Webexのビデオ会議アプリケーションを使用し、オンラインでの講義を行います。
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電話 03-3517-5002 フォームでのお問い合わせは▶こちら

JVTAは情報セキュリティの国際規格「ISO/IEC 27001」を取得しています。詳しくはこちらISMS_ISMSAC

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[NEWS] All JVTA Courses Available Both Online and In-Person
As of the April 2020 semester, all JVTA courses will be available as online and in-person classes for both local and long-distance students.

JVTA has a robust e-learning system in place, offering access to students who live too far from our Tokyo school to attend class in person. From April 2020, we’ll be opening up access to this e-learning system for students based in Tokyo and surrounding areas of Kanagawa, Chiba, and Saitama. This will allow you to attend any JVTA class of your choice from the comfort of your own home.

All JVTA courses will remain available as face-to-face lessons at our Tokyo school for students who wish to attend lessons in person. However, to ensure a safe and comfortable learning environment for everyone, the maximum number of face-to-face students will be capped at 15 per classroom.

Effective April 2020

[Applicable Students]
All new and ongoing students, as well as graduates

[Applicable Courses]
English-Japanese Media Translation (All Classes)
Japanese-English Media Translation (All Classes)
All Extracurricular Lessons
All Logical Reading Classes
All Barrier-Free Accessibility Classes
Japanese Expression Courses

NOTE: Classes will be available as online meetings through Cisco Webex.

JVTA began offering online access to our courses in 2015. Since then, students from areas such as the USA, Canada, the UK, Singapore, Australia, and Hong Kong and more have joined in with the Tokyo classes via real-time video link. Students are able to interact with their classmates and instructors over mic and webcam, and can join lively workshops, complete assignments, and graduate as media translators entirely online.

With this e-learning access now open to students in the Greater Tokyo metropolitan area, locals can also attend JVTA courses in real time without leaving the house.
For more details about online and in-person class access, please contact your class supervisor for ongoing students, or JVTA Tokyo’s office to begin a new course.

Phone: 03-3517-5002

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