KORESEMI Panel: Preparing for a Future as a J-E Visual Media Translator

KORESEMI Panel: Preparing for a Future as a J-E Visual Media Translator
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※This seminar is limited to current and past JVTA students.

KORESEMI Panel: Preparing for a Future as a J-E Visual Media Translator is the J-E version of an extracurricular seminar for aspiring translators organized by JVTA each semester. This time, we have invited two J-E translators to talk about their experiences as professional media translators who live and work outside of Japan. Through the discussion, you’ll learn how these professionals first started out, concerns and struggles they had along the way, the merits and demerits of working outside of Japan as a J-E translator, and other valuable info. Whether you are a current or past student of our J-E course, or have not studied J-E but are interested in learning more about it, we would love for you to join us!



The panelists will be Chul Kim and Yuka Maeno, two professional J-E translators who have passed JVTA’s trial. The discussion will include how they organize their work schedule, how they network from overseas to make connections and find translation work, and other valuable info that will surely help you on your own journey to become a J-E visual media translator.

Date and Time: Monday, March 18th, 2024   7:30-9:15PM JST

Capacity: No limit

Fee: 3,300 yen (tax incl)

Eligibility: All current and past JVTA students (you do not need to have studied J-E)


■Chul Kim

Chul began working as a freelance Japanese to English translator in early 2019 after finishing the Japanese-to-English Professional Course. He now lives on Jeju Island in South Korea, spending his days working full-time as a translator for anime, dramas, lectures, corporate videos, YouTubers, and more. His credits include Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop, Akuma Kun, and People Who Talk to Plushies Are Kind.

■Yuka Maeno

Yuka is a freelance translator based in the seaside town of Bray, Ireland. She completed the Japanese-to-English Professional Course at JVTA in 2019, and has been working as a visual media translator since 2020. Her works include Let Me Hear It Barefoot and Hierophanie, as well as various short films, dramas, anime, TV programs and corporate videos. She also works as an English to Japanese translator and editor.


Jessi Nuss (J-E Course Director and Instructor at JVTA)

Born in California in the US, Jessi oversees the content and management of JVTA’s Japanese-to-English Media Translation Course, and is also involved in teaching classes and seminars related to J-E media translation. A longtime Japanese pop culture enthusiast, she loves the challenge that J-E media translation presents, and sharing the fun of it with students at JVTA.

◆KORESEMI Wisdom, Essential in a Time of Change
Japan Visualmedia Translation Academy Group CEO Naoki Niira

KORESEMI Panel: Preparing for a Future as a J-E Visual Media Translator is the only extracurricular seminar that has been held every semester, without fail, since the establishment of Japan Visualmedia Translation Academy (JVTA) over twenty years ago. The progress of our students, our translators, and the panelists for this seminar is the progress of JVTA itself.


Today, freelancing is undergoing great change. We are in an age where the government has begun providing support and large corporations encourage side jobs. This applies to the visual media translation industry as well. Client companies are reviewing the laws and regulations of business, leading to a change in the way they evaluate and do business with translators. What challenges does this pose for professional translators, and how do they overcome them? KORESEMI is a unique opportunity to get a realistic perspective from actual translators, which can be hard to come by.


As the translators discuss how to manage your time and work area, or how to work with fellow translators, you’ll be able to hear a lot of fun personal anecdotes. These moments are part of what makes KORESEMI so special.


There is a reason this seminar has continued for over twenty years. It is not only effective in increasing learning and motivation, but is also a chance to gain information that will support you throughout your career.


I hope you join the seminar and make the best use of the experience in your daily work and studies.



Participation Requirements

You can take the seminar if you are able to view videos stably, such as with a computer or tablet. We recommend the use of earphones/headphones to improve your listening experience. We will have a Q&A section, so if you have a mic, please have it ready.

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How to Sign Up 

-Please sign up through the signup form below.

-Please include the course you are/were enrolled in, as well as the date of completion, after your name.

-An automated email will be sent out once you send the signup form. If the email does not arrive, please check your spam folder, and contact us as soon as possible if you cannot locate it.

-If you have any other inquiries, please direct them to kouza(at)

*change (at) to @


Regarding payment

-Please complete payment by the day after you sign up.

-Please contact us if you need to change your payment method, as we may be unable to verify your payment.

Regarding cancellations

Requests for cancellations or refunds will not be accepted after the fee has been paid. In the case of a sudden cancellation, please let us know by phone or email so we can make arrangements.














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